Background details

Health and nutrition have always fascinated me and over the years I have studied in many related fields. I am passionate abot helping people to achieve their weight loss goals and to maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Metabolism speed seems to vary wildly between individuals creating confusion about how many calories are needed to maintain a healthy weight. I truly believe that the research behind our program holds the key.

Heather is my sister and my reasons for launching our website are very different to hers.  I too am passionate about Trim N Healthy and what our programs can do for you; the difference is what drives me. Health and nutrition has always fascinated me, and over the years I have studied nutrition, anatomy and physiology, naturopathy, homeopathy and massage. My medicine cabinet for years has been mostly a collection of essential oils. The notion that a homeopathic drop would be a catalyst in the release of energy from only the stored fat cells in the body intrigued and excited me. I have to say that I was initially very sceptical, and I didn’t want to be part of yet another fad that steered people away from good healthy eating, but I watched Heather’s progress and the amazing results she was achieving, and I got more and more interested. She was eating good food (no meal replacement shakes) and she wasn’t exercising to the point of exhaustion.

As children we often joked that I would eat the chocolate and she would put on the weight. In hindsight it was no joke. How could this be so?

Growing up in the same family, Heather and I tended to have a similar diet and we mostly played together. As a young adult, and even after 3 children, my weight stayed fairly constant and I didn’t ever have the need to diet, while Heather’s weight was constantly yo yo’ing and she tried every fad diet on the market.

I do eat quite well and lead a fairly active life but I am no saint when it comes to chocolate or hot chips and gravy or a Sunday roast with all those starchy carbs (potato, pumpkin and sweet potato). My weight has always just managed itself.

SO, there must be more to how and why we store fat than just calories in and calories out. I know I am not the only sibling with this story. I am sure a lot of you are reading this and nodding your head in agreement and also wondering why. I think how we, as individuals metabolise food, is the answer.

The most exciting aspect of the Trim N Healthy program is that it resets your metabolism so that you don’t ever have to battle with fad diets again.

Yes, you lose weight off those hard to reduce areas, which for most dieters is the main objective. And for Trim N Healthy trimmers that objective is definitely achieved.

But for me the most important result is that moving forward, if you eat healthy (with the odd indiscretion), you will be able to let your weight manage itself too.

Dr Simeons’ research has revolutionised the way we deal with excess weight, especially excess weight in all the wrong places. Trim N Healthy is excited to be part of the revolution.