Background details

I am very excited to bring to you the Trim N Healthy diet. As a business woman and mother of 3 grown children, I was delighted to find a solution to what has been a lifelong torment. Your success wtih the program is extremely important to me, so along with my sister we have brought to you the original TNH program, you won’t be disappointed.

Eight years ago, I discovered a diet that changed my life….I battled with my weight for 35 years which was really taking its toll.  In the beginning I put on weight with my first child and since then I yo yo’d between a size 10 and a size 16.  The frustrating aspect has always been that my body type puts most of the weight on below the waist.  At my biggest I was a size 16 on the bottom, and a size 14 on the top.

Over the years I have tried every type of diet you can name.  Remember the Israeli diet back in the 80’s??  When I was in my late 30’s I discovered exercise and became an absolute gym junkie.  I lost a lot of weight by going to the gym every morning and running every afternoon and then dancing 5 nights of the week….  Surprise, surprise I managed to trim down to a very athletic size 10.

Of course as time went on, it became increasingly difficult to maintain that rigid regime.  Children’s schedules, work pressures, and soon the gym was down to 4 or 5 days a week, dancing was once a week and a 10km run was increasingly difficult to manage.  The cycle began again, skipping meals, eating too much of the wrong foods…weight started creeping on.

My next weight control phase included personal trainers who helped me shape up. Muscles toned and my stamina improved, but the stored fat on my butt and thighs was firmly entrenched.  Even the Personal Trainers were becoming frustrated. Why wouldn’t the fat move?  I was becoming desperate – was I going to have to exercise at this level into my 70’s?… a sobering thought.

With the discovery of Dr Simeons amazing protocol my weight worries are a thing of the past…I now understand what was happening to my hypothalamus, and what to do to prevent it happening again.  After following the protocol I dropped the stored fat and now I am enjoying that size 10 body I tried so hard to achieve.  This amazing result was achieved without exercise, and without hunger. Eight years on, I’m happy to say I’m still a size 10. From time to time a few kilos creep back on but not for long – I just knuckle down for three weeks to reset. 

Is it any wonder I needed to share this diet with everyone in Australia who was sick of the diet struggle.  I am so happy to bring this to my friends, family and everyone else who is sick of hearing that dieting is all about what you eat and how much exercise you do.

Dr Simeons’ Protocol is simply a revelation, if you follow the simple guidelines and faithfully stick to the Maintenance program, you will reset your metabolism and enjoy a healthy weight forever.