How Does The HCG Diet Work?

The HCG Diet was developed back in the late 50’s by Dr Simeons.

It works on the premise that a build up of the hormone HCG when coupled with a low calorie diet will trigger the body to release energy from stored fats cells.

With this converted energy in the bloodstream you are not tired or hungry. The end result over time is the loss of centimetres off bottoms, hips, thighs and tummies or wherever your body stores fat.

In a nutshell, the usual order for the body to acquire energy is to use available energy stored in the bloodstream, liver and muscles (as glycogen). Once it runs out of this form of energy it turns to fat cells (fatty acids). The easiest fat cells to access are those found in muscle fibres which is why on a conventional diet people complain that they lose muscle mass. Stored fat cells are the last port of call for energy as it is harder to access and has to be transported via the bloodstream to where it is required.

One of the jobs of the hormone HCG is to trigger energy to be released into the bloodstream. For example it is active in pregnant women so the development of the foetus is not compromised if the mother does not eat enough of the nutrients required. This also assures that the body doesn’t turn to the muscles for its energy perhaps compromising the woman’s ability to carry the extra weight. The prevention of muscle depletion would also apply in a male (eg. When stranded on a desert island with little or no food).

Our homeopathic Trim N Healthy Diet drops help to naturally increase the levels of hormone in the bloodstream which when coupled with a strict low calorie diet in turn triggers the release of energy from stored fats cells.

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