Managing your weight during the Maintenance Phase

Managing your weight during the Maintenance Phase

Some Trimmers will experience 200-300g fluctuations daily while on the Maintenance Phase. Sometimes up and sometimes down. This is quite normal so don’t be alarmed.

What you want to be looking at is which way your weight is trending each week. If at the end of the first week you have gained a little weight overall then you may want to cut back on your daily calorie allocation or increase your exercise regime.

If your weight is trending down after the first week you probably need to increase your daily calorie intake.

You only need to go on a ‘Steak Day’ if you have gained 900g or more in one day.

It is normal to feel a little anxious when you start into the Maintenance Phase. The VLCD Phase is very regimented but now you have choices.

Remember to have breakfast, don’t eat starchy carbohydrates and don’t eat added sugars (this includes sugar substitutes). Have a look at the example menus in the User Guide. They will give you a bit of an idea of what a days food looks like.

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