Trim N Healthy Program and Men

Welcome to our Trim N Healthy men’s section

We decided to have a section for men because concerns about being overweight are not just reserved for women.

Trim N Healthy drops are an excellent solution for men who need to lose weight as in most cases they actually work better on men than women.

In the 1950’s Dr Simeons pioneered the use of HCG for weight loss and a lot of his research was with obese men.

Following is an extract from his manuscript (Pounds and Inches) and we think it best addresses the question on most men’s lips.

TNH drops trigger the hormones released in pregnant women. Will these drops feminise me in any way?

This is what Dr Simeons has to say;

“It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that HCG is not a sex hormone, that its action is identical in men, women, children and in those cases in which the sex glands no longer function owing to old age or their surgical removal. The only sexual change it can bring about after puberty is an improvement of a pre-existing deficiency, but never a stimulation beyond the normal. In an indirect way via the anterior pituitary, HCG regulates menstruation and facilitates conception, but it never virilises a woman or feminizes a man. It neither makes men grow breasts nor does it interfere with their virility, though where this was deficient it may improve it. It never makes women grow a beard or develop a gruff voice. I have stressed this point only for the sake of my lay readers, because it is our daily experience that when patients hear the word hormone they immediately jump to the conclusion that this must have something to do with the sexsphere. They are not accustomed as we are, to think thyroid, insulin, cortisone, adrenalin etc, as hormones.”

Dr Albert Simeons

So now that the most important question has been answered let’s get down to business.

The beer gut, belly bulge or abdominal fat, no matter what you call it, it’s an epidemic and it’s affecting more Australian men than ever before.

Is this just a nuisance when donning the budgie smugglers at the beach or is there something more sinister involved?

The simple answer is unfortunately there is something much more serious going on in our opinion. A mountain of research shows excess stomach fat is directly linked to: Cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 2, respiratory failure, high blood pressure, cancer, high cholesterol and many more, serious health concerns.

The Problem:
Fat, when stored on the outside of the muscular system (subcutaneous fat), albeit unsightly, holds very low health risk when compared to fat stored inside the muscular system surrounding the internal organs (stored fat). Once fat begins to accumulate in these areas the health risks are greatly accelerated. They apply extra pressure on all the bodies’ life sustaining systems as well as become a storage area for poisonous chemicals otherwise known as toxins.

The Cause:
Many things stack up to cause the fabled beer belly however the most common culprits are over indulgence in high carb food or drinks, hormonal imbalance and/or a sedentary life style.

The Cure:
Fear not, all is not lost. If you wish to decrease the health risks and feel great in the process it doesn’t mean giving up all that you love or spending hours every day in the gym. You can make a difference by making simple changes to your diet, balancing your body’s hormones and adopting an active lifestyle (as little as 30 minutes moderate exercise everyday).
Your health is in your own hands as no one else will ever be as invested!

How can the Trim N Healthy program help you?
Going on one of our programs will initiate the reduction of stored fat (the beer belly), reset your metabolism (balance your hormones) and inspire you to eat healthy and the best part is that you will not be hungry, you don’t have to replace food with meal shakes and you don’t have to maintain an unrealistic and unsustainable exercise program.

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