Homeopathic TNH Drops In Australia

Homeopathic TNH Drops In Australia

Just a timely reminder to all those Trimmers out there looking for a reputable Australian website to purchase homeopathic TNH drops.

We are an Australian Company and ‘Yes’ we have stock on the Gold Coast.
Beware of websites that look Australian but are actually set up to ship product from America.

Your product will most likely be stopped in customs and you will lose your money.

We source our homeopathic TNH drops (the real thing…. not synthesized), from New Zealand, and we post from the Gold Coast via express post.

You will usually get your order the next business day if you order by 3pm.

You can even ring Denise or Heather on the land line just for extra reassurance or to ask any questions (0755761675).

We look forward to giving you a solution to your weight loss dilemma.

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