Low Calorie Diets For Weight Loss

Denise from Trim N Healthy talking about fat cells and low calorie diets for weight loss

Hi it's Denise from Trim N Healthy and today I'm going to talk about our program and what you can eat and what you can't eat.

I’m also going to talk about how the Trim N Healthy diet compares to other fad diets that are out there although ours is not a fad diet!

So basically our diet works on a hormone trigger. That hormone trigger releases energy from stored fat cells. The energy that it releases from those stored fat cells has been put there after being processed so it is very balanced energy.

Once it goes into your blood stream, you’re not tired, you’re not hungry, you’re not craving and you’re just ready to keep going for the 26 or the 43 days of the program that you choose.

Do you need supplements while your on the Trim N Healthy program? Or if you are already taking supplements, should you keep taking those supplements?

One of the things that you can’t do while your on the program is take anything that is oil based so things like Vitamin D or E that comes in a gel capsule, none of those supplements are going to be ok because the oils in the supplement, muck up the program a little, so stear clear of those ones.

Do you need to take multi-vitamins?

You usually feel really well on the program so you don’t necessarily need to. If your taking multi-vitamins and you want to continue taking them, yes that’s ok.

We do suggest that you take Vitamin B complex and we do have it in our kits. The reason for that is that the B12 really does help your liver to process some of the toxins.

Why the Trim N Healthy Program is different from other diets!

With the Trim N Healthy diet

  • your energy levels are high because your getting that energy from stored fat cells,
  • your eating real food, it’s simple food, vegetables, fruit etc

all of which is explained in our user guide along with the choices of the foods you can eat. You have:

  • 2 serves of protein,
  • 2 serves of vegetables,
  • 2 serves of fruit and
  • 2 serves of starch.
  • That makes up 500 calories.

Each day you choose different meats, vegetables etc from the lists that are in the book. Pretty easy!

Your not having to think about what your going to to eat each day. You just get yourself prepared, chicken and broccoli for lunch and maybe steak and tomato for dinner, I’m going to have some strawberries and I’m going to have an apple. That’s as a big as decision as you need to make.

Is it easy? I think it is once you have accepted that you have to make some choices but it’s really not daunting and you’l l find 3 or 4 days in that you’ll be feeling great, the food won’t be a problem and the best part about it is, its real food and at the end of the day, you’ve learnt some really good habits.

You’re off the alcohol, you’re off the chocolate, down the track you can always have a bit here and there but at least it is getting you into good eating patterns so that you can take that forward into your everyday lifestyle

I hope that has simplified it for you and helps you make an informed decision whether to try out Trim N Healthy weight loss program. 

You can compare the Trim N Healthy diet programs here and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us either via our Contact Us page or message us on our Trim N Healthy Facebook page

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