Which Weight Loss Diet Drops Should I Choose?

Deciding which Trim N Healthy weight loss diet drops you should choose depends a lot on how much weight you have to lose to achieve your weight loss goals

Hi Denise here from Trim N Healthy

We thought we’d have a look at the Trim N Healthy kits and just give you a bit of an idea how you can decide which kit to use

Sometimes it’s a bit of a mine field, there is a lot of information on the website, so here it is.

Basically our weight loss diet drops kits come in two sizes.

  • You have the size which we call a 26 day program that has all the things that you are going to need to do a 26 day program and follow that up with maintenance.
  • Then we have the kits that cover off on our 43 day program. Our 43 day program you can lose up to 15 kilos in that 43 days and again the kit has everything you are going to need to be able to lose that weight in 43 days.

So the difference in the two lots of kits is really just the size of the bottle of the drops that are going to activate that hormone

So let’s just talk about the 43 day program. So you’ve gone on the website, you’ve established that you need to lose 10 to 15 kilos so you’re going to look at the kits that are 43 days. The Rolls Royce of those kits is what we call our Ultra Kit. That has everything that you need:

  • it’s got your User Guide which has all the information on what to do, when to do, how to do, all of those kind of things. The drops that you’re going to need for the diet phases, that will help you to lose the weight.
  • It also has in it some B12, this is a liquid B12, it is not a homeopathic, but we find is that B12 helps your liver to process some of the toxins while it’s breaking down the content of the fat cells. It’s a really good add-on to have in your kit.
  • The other thing that the Ultra Kit contains is our Maintenance drops. Trouble with maintenance is that you’ve done the diet, you’ve lost the weight, you roll off onto what’s mean to be a maintenance phase and that’s when people sometimes lose the plot. They just go onto normal eating straight away instead of completing the maintenance phase. The maintenance phase is really really important because through the maintenance phase, your hypothalamus will help reboot your metabolism. It will make you in the end not put on weight as easily down the track.

Maintenance phase is really important. 

The drops help you stay on focus. They have African Mango in them which helps with your hunger and cravings and also keeps you on track so that you complete the whole of the program.

So basically, thats our Ultra Kit in the 43 day program and we have the same in the 26 day program and then we have other kits, the basic kit, the complete kit. On our website you can have a look at the differences between those. You should be able to decide what you need to do.

Now if you have more than 15 kilos to lose don’t worry

All you need to do is you go on the program once and you lose as much weight as you can in that first 43 days. You do 3 weeks minimum of maintenance and then you go back on the program on the diet phases of the program and lose that bit extra. You can do that as many times as you need to lose all the weight that you want to lost.

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