Heather’s journey

Heather’s Journey

Time to get it together 18/8/13

Tough Mudder done and dusted..off the bucket list??..Three hours after completing Tough Mudder on the Sunshine Coast on a beautiful sunny morning..I was asked if I would do it again next year..my answer was an emphatic No thankyou..24 hours later, and after a couple of post mortem discussions with my fellow Mudders, my thoughts are turning to what I could do better with my lead up to next year’s Tough Mudder..

I had decided a couple of months ago that after Tough Mudder I would embark on another Trim and Healthy program so that I could fit into a beautifully beaded dress I had bought to wear to my sisters October Wedding. Even though I have been training for the big TM Challenge this weekend I have also been using the increased training regime to justify a slide in my good eating habits. My weight has increased to 72kg, from 65kg 12 months ago. Yes some of this extra weight is definitely muscle but the rest is just fat!!

So today I am on my first day of loading and recovering from yesterdays exertions. While I sit here typing away I am munching on cashews..good fats that will help my body deal with the first couple of days on the VLCD, I will take some photos tonight and every week for the next 3 weeks..roll on 64kg

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