MS = Day 17 – a pleasure to get on the scales

MS = Day 17 – a pleasure to get on the scales

I am now on DAY 17 of my 500 calories a day diet, supported by the TNH drops and I feel fantastic!

I have now lost 8.6 kgs and have had no difficulty sticking to the plan. What a pleasure it is to get on the scales in the morning now and I am always excited to see how well I’ve done and how much I have lost. Initially, I was extremely sceptical as I suffer from low blood sugar and I was not confident that I would not become hypo from not eating enough. However surprisingly, apart from one day when I did not follow the diet plan and waited far too long to eat and got a little shaky – I have felt great and have not even felt hungry!

There is no doubt that this diet requires discipline however when I consider all of the different things I have tried in the past, including three months on the liver cleansing diet where I only lost 4 kg in total and was hungry every single day – this is a breeze!

I think mental preparation is a big part of being successful on the plan. For example in the first two ‘loading’ days, I made sure that I had every single bad thing that I might possibly have craved in the next 38 days to ensure that I would not feel as if I was missing out and as I ate each item – I said good-bye to it because from this point onwards, my goal is not to go back to old and unhealthy eating habits and I hope to never see some of those foods again.

Admittedly, I might have hit it a little too hard in those loading days (is eating 5 cream buns hitting it too hard?) because for the first day and a half of the 500 calorie diet I felt very, very ordinary. Thankfully by the afternoon of day 2 – I emerged from the detox feeling great and I have not looked back since.

Prior to this I had just given up on my weight and it had spiralled out of control as a result but if the first 14 days of this plan are any indication – I believe that I will definitely reach my weight loss goal and as a result, maybe even save my life.

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