Weight Loss Drops that Work

Veronica was looking for weight loss drops that work and on the Trim N Healthy program, she lost 6 KG in 3 weeks!

After losing 40 kgs over the last year I lost my motivation, kind of falling off the wagon and started eating all the things I had given up.

This is ok it happens, but I was getting frustrated going up a size and a bit again.

My sister suggested I try Trim N Healthy because it worked for her.

So here I am. Open to sharing my journey.

Veronica tells of her weight loss journey below to help and inspire other Trimmers lose weight.

Initial Specs:

  • Starting weight 79kg
  • Height 171cm

Day 4

KFC. How dare they. In preparation for their fast food dinner I had packed my own. After a long late night at basketball (for my eldest) we had a 1.5 hr drive home. Late… hungry… tired kids… first fast food place that was seen. I had my eyes closed while they ordered. I had to hand the food out. I breathed it in and then ate my Chilli Prawn and Broccoli Salad. Way to test myself. But I passed with flying colours.

Weight Loss Drops That Work

Day 5

It’s cool to be motivated again. I have been diligent (proved this last night) although I am still nervous about the food portions. I need to add more herbs to my meals. I have decided to buy some small pots to have fresh herbs on hand. Hopefully I can keep them alive. 1.5kgs down surprised me. Let us see what I can come up with for my next few meals. New flavour combos to come up with.

Day 7

Last night’s dinner was a complete fail. Chicken and Mushroom…. Blerg. I could not eat it. Hubby who can eat anything except brussel sprouts went…. Blerg too. Shocked it went in the bin. Now devastated I had stuffed up the program I messaged my sister. To which she replied… “you must eat something you need 500 calories to make it work. Have eggs they are quick and easy”.

So eggs I had and hungry I was not. Buying digital scales today, I feel that I would like to have more accurate loss and as tomorrow is the start of week 2.

Day 8

New digital scales say I’m at 74.6kg…I weighed myself on both and the pin on the old scales was really close so I don’t think I have mucked up my numbers with the scale change.

I called the team at Trim N Healthy to check in as I am surprised by the amount of weight I have lost so far. We double checked my food intake and I’m doing it all right.

I know that cutting out Coke helps a lot with weight loss and prior to the program I was eating boxes of Shapes and Chocolate (I was sneaking Chocolate Sundaes too on the way to pick up the kids from school). All these things are full of sugar and calories. Being a fan of Coke I have changed my fizzy drinks to soda water and after using the lemon on my lunch I add it to the soda or water. Hubby helped with my measurements this morning too and was a little disappointed that my bust had lost centimetres too! I can’t physically see the loss myself, but he is adamant he can.

I’ll share my measurements:

  • Bust 98 to 94
  • Waist 85 to 81
  • L Thigh 65 to 64
  • R Thigh 64 to 63.

I had a memory pop up on my facebook the other day, reminding me of how far I've come on my weight loss journey. It hasn't been easy - but it has absolutely been worth it!

Day 10

OK Poo… Where is my poo? You would think with the amount of vegetables and H2O and coffee I’m having everything would be fine. (PS everything restored to usual after a tea this morning).
*** Minor hiccup last night *** I had steak and beans for dinner and being another late basketball night the rest of the house had eaten pizza and left 1 crust and a box in the kitchen. I walked past it several times. I should have thrown it in the bin, but the temptation got to me.

Day 13

Weekends are quite busy for us. Basketball is our life and we wouldn’t have it any other way. On Saturday afternoon at semi finals, I had my afternoon tea and dinner organised. After looking through some photos on the weekend I saw a difference in my face. So, although I am losing centimetres I am now seeing the physical changes with my own eyes. It is a nice feeling seeing the results. I haven’t seen much loss on the scales this 2nd week so far but I know the program is working because to date I’ve lost 5.4kg!!

Day 17

Two things about yesterday… I had three visitors to my town to come and watch my daughter’s school play AND I had promised a lamb roast for Mum’s birthday before I starting Trim N Healthy.

The roast was perfect. Potatoes were golden and crispy. Vegetables were just tender enough, and the very aromatic lamb was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Sounds amazing. I haven’t shared this to make you drool…

I cooked my special curried meat and cauliflower before they arrived so all I had to do was heat it up. I enjoyed it and didn’t feel too left out of the roast dinner. The potatoes and gravy were tempting but I got through the group family dinner and I’m super chuffed that I did. I think having the dinner ready to go helped immensely.

Day 21

I have been away for the last four days. I had a family function on and I knew I was going to enjoy the food and eat the cake but I wasn’t expecting I was going to let go as much as I did. Yet that’s what I did!! I was still conscious of my portion sizes and made note that I was eating excessive amounts of calories, but I enjoyed my family and that’s what the weekend was about.

I am not as upset or as disappointed as I thought I would be but *** I did put on a kg *** over the trip and can really notice the bloating from the fizzy that I drank. I know that I may need to have an apple day this week, but I figured after a good day today of following all the rules I will see if I did put my body into store mode or not.

I fell off the wagon (again), I didn’t totally write it off – so off I go again.

RESULTS // Following Veronica: Day 24


  • Starting weight 79kg
  • Current weight 73kg

Day 24

I am sitting at 73kg, this is 6kgs lost and I am so close to the end of the 26 day program. Even after a huge blow out I am surprised that despite my adding a kilo and a bit I lost it pretty quick after getting back on the wagon and sticking to the 500 calories. I am so happy!!

I believe if I hadn’t had the 4 day of excess I would be at my goal of 70kgs.

I did my measurements on day 22 (see table).

My waist hasn’t changed, and I believe that this is due to the excess skin that I carry after originally losing 40kgs. I look and feel great.

Weight Loss Drops that Work

Following on two months later, Veronica partially completed the maintenance phase of the program and has put on 1.5kg of the weight lost. She is maintaining her new healthy eating habits and sitting comfortably around 74.5kg.

Weight Loss Drops That Work
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