Exercise and the VLCD

exercising on a VLCD

Exercise and the VLCD

Many Trimmers are concerned that they will lose muscle mass if they do not exercise during Phase 2 (VLCD) of the Trim N Healthy program.

The calories during this phase are released from your stored fat cells only. It is a careful balance between calories released, calories consumed and energy required to get you through the day. If you exercise heavily it throws out that balance and your body could go into starvation mode. This means it will stop releasing energy from your stored fat cells and start storing it instead.

The program is only 26 to 43 days. Use this time to give yourself a break. Go for walks or do non-aerobic exercise such as pilates or yoga (not Bikram). Once you move into the maintenance phase you can exercise as much as you like. Remember the more exercise you do the more calories you need to eat. I know that you will be amazed at this time, how well your muscles will preform…. they are now moving less ‘you’ so they usually perform even better than before the program.

If you trust in the program and follow all the guidelines you will be amazed at the results. It is only a tiny leap of faith with awesome results. Check out our Facebook page, ask questions and come join us. Phone and email support is always available.

We have supported thousands of people world-wide in their journey towards good health since 2012.
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