Modifying your VLCD meals for the family

feed your family and lise weight

Modifying your VLCD meals for the family

Three easy ways to lose weight while cooking for your family when you’re on the Trim N Healthy detox program.

When you’re on Phase 2 of the Trim N Healthy detox program, it can be quite challenging, and sometimes a little bit lonely. It becomes even more challenging when it is your responsibility to produce meals and cook for the whole family.

When your using the TNH activator, your body is triggered to release between 1500 and 4000 calories per day into your bloodstream enabling you to get on with your day, and the extra 500 calories ingested during Phase 2 ensures you have exactly enough energy daily. Of course, your family has different dietary requirements to get them through the day. They will need more food, more variety of veggies and fruit and most importantly more calories, fats, carbs, and proteins.

The most important thing when losing weight while cooking for your family is to keep track of your 100g of protein. You can cook the entire meal together as long as you divvy up the protein portion accurately. For example, if you cook 500g of chicken this will separate into 5 equal amounts of 100g, keep the 100g for yourself, and the rest for the family. Another example of this would be cooking an 800g lean roast beef, split into 8 equal parts once cooked, keep one portion and the rest goes to the fam. When you’re cooking the family’s protein for the evening, be sure to cook fat-free as instructed (no oils etc).

Once you have this part sorted, bulking out your family’s meals is simple:

  1. ADD EXTRA SIDES: A hearty salad made of veggies, added protein, or dressing will help expand your basic diet meal to satisfy your family. You can also add rice, potatoes, extra veggies or dinner rolls to fill the bellies of your loved ones.
  2. ADD EXTRA INGREDIENTS: Once you’ve set your portion aside you’re free to toss in extra proteins for variety. Adding beans or brown rice to chili dishes and soups works very well. Corn and bacon are also great additions. Your family also gets to enjoy healthy fats such as butter, coconut oil, avocado, olive oil. Adding these ingredients to your loved one’s meal will benefit their health too!
  3. ADD TOPPINGS: Top of your family’s meal with extras like cheese, sour cream or croutons! Just try not to get too jealous and remember, you’re shedding kilos like you wouldn’t believe so all of this is totally worth it.

Pro Tip: To lose weight while still cooking for your family, get your family on board and fully invested in your diet. Try offering them a reward for your success ie “if mum or dad loses 7kg by the end of the diet, we will do xxxxx to celebrate”. Keep the junk food and temptations out of the house. With everyone’s support and your quality family dinnertime togetherness, you are sure to succeed!


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