Starchy Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Starchy Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

We love starchy carbs! Unfortunately, foods that fall into this starch category generally need to be avoided while on Phase 3 (Maintenance) of the Trim N Healthy weight loss program.

When you’re not on the program, Phase 4 (Healthy Habits for Life), these starchy foods are a marvelous and nutritious addition to each meal. To make it easier for you to decide what to put on your plate during ‘Maintenance’, hear is a list of starchy foods to avoid putting on your plate.

A couple of provisos – You can still have the 2 serves of starch from phase 2 (30 cals). If you are a vegetarian or vegan, beans and legumes may form part of your protein intake.

Breads and Grains

Foods in this group include pasta, breads, popcorn, crackers, tortillas, cereals, rice, oatmeal, barley, millet and other grains.
Phase 4 – benefits of eating these (in moderation): They provide you with fiber, B vitamins, iron, selenium and magnesium, especially if you choose the healthier whole-grain versions of these foods, which may lower your risk for heart disease and constipation and help you manage your weight.

Starchy Vegetables

Starchy vegetables include potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, cassava, taro, water chestnuts, plantains and lima beans.
Phase 4 – benefits of eating these (in moderation): These vegetables can help you meet your recommended nutrient intake for a number of nutrients, including fiber, potassium and vitamins A and C, potentially lowering your risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Beans and Other Legumes

These include lentils, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, black beans, white beans, pinto beans and any other types of dried beans.
Phase 4 – benefits of eating these (in moderation): Beans and other legumes have the distinction of counting as both starchy foods and protein foods. Eating these foods will help you increase your protein, fiber, zinc, iron, potassium and folate intake.

Happy healthy living!

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