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30ml Homeopathic Drops

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As well as the homeopathic drops, user guide and support group access, Ultra Kits include our Vitamin B12 Complex and our Homeopathic Maintenance Drops

Vitamin B12 Complex

Vitamin B12 Complex helps maintain health and well being throughout your weight loss journey. Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that is required for almost all the body’s functions. It has proven to wrok extremely well with the weightloss program and boosts results when combined. 

Vitamin B12 will help with increased energy production, healthy nervous system, proper digestion and faster metabolism

50ml Single B12 Complex Drops

Homeopathic Maintenance Drops

Trim N Healthy Maintenance Drops contain a powerful combination of ingredients designed to curb cravings and suppress appetite while you are adjusting from the VLCD stage.

This phase is really important because your hypothalamus needs time to establish its new set point. 

50ml Single Maintenance Drops

TNH Ultra Kit
26 Day Weight Loss Program



TNH Ultra Kit
43 Day Weight Loss Program