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Buy TNH Diet Drops - Choose the Weight Loss program right for you.

The TNH Plus weight loss program is the perfect solution to your weight loss dilemma.

You can lose up to 7kg in just 26 days or 15kg in 43 days.

The exciting thing is that you may reset your metabolism along the way so that the weight will not sneak back on.
“Nothing Tastes Better than Trim Feels”

  • Imagine going on a diet and losing weight within the first week.
  • Imagine going on a diet and losing weight from your problem areas first.
  • Imagine losing ALL the weight you want to lose.

More than 15kg to lose? You can repeat our Trim and Healthy weight loss programs as often as necessary to get down to your goal weight.

  • Are you sick of being overweight when you hardly eat anything?
  • Have you tried to lose weight and nothing works?
  • Have you struggled so hard that in the end you just quit & say “this is obviously how my body is meant to be because no matter what I do to change it – nothing happens”?

Obesity is not always about overeating. Hormone imbalance plays a huge part in peoples inability to lose weight. You don’t have to give up the fight because we have a solution.

Women get outstanding results and Men in most cases get even better results, so if you are a couple it is a great program to undertake together.

Even more exciting is the weight comes off your problem areas (hips, bottom, thighs, tummy or wherever else you store hard to move fat deposits).

  • You don’t feel hungry.
  • And you eat real food;
  • NO meal replacements.
  • NO strenuous exercise.

Our amazing weight loss program is inspired by the research of Dr Albert Simeons’ in his manuscript (Pounds and Inches). His studies in the 1950’s revolutionised how we tackle weight loss and all it’s frustrating aspects like constantly feeling hungry, always craving sugar, and hopelessly unsustainable exercise regimes.

Welcome to a positive weight loss experience with our Trim N Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Purchase a Trim N Healthy TNH Plus program and start losing those unwanted kilos and centimetres straight away.

Our homeopathic TNH Plus drops, taken daily, trigger the body to release hormones that target the energy held in your stored fat cells.

This energy floods your blood stream with 2000 to 4000 calories which is why the very low calorie diet (VLCD) you will be following does not leave you feeling hungry or lethargic.

In fact after a few days of adjusting you will feel great.

Once you lose the weight you move into the maintenance phase, increase your calories to the normal range for your height and weight and enjoy eating healthy foods while your metabolism resets.

The next phase is eating healthy for life and enjoying your new trim and healthy body.

Learn more about this amazing program by visiting the pages on our website.

Go to our shopping page, purchase the program that best suits your needs and start losing weight now.

We ship our orders from Australia via Express post so you will be on your way to trimming success in no time.

We know you are excited and want to get started straight away but it is important to read the research (Dr Simeons’ Pounds and Inches) and the valuable information in the TNH User Guide which we will supply with your order.

We want you to succeed, so no short cuts.

We are here to support you.

Email us at with any questions you may have, and once you get started let us know how you are going.

Your fellow trimmers will love to hear about your success or any tips you may have.

Lose weight with Trim and Healthy weight loss drops and keep it off! Start today. What could be more satisfying?

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