Camille lost 30kg

Aug 2013 – Trim N Healthy has changed my life. 30kg lost in 4 months and 215cm lost off my whole body.
I have so much energy. I can run around with my 2 kids now and not get short of breath. I don’t snore anymore. I am happier than I have been in years.

I hit rock bottom before I started. I am 34 and thought; I am obese I need to do something about this. I am now in the healthy weight range for the first time in 3 years.

I have tried every diet there is in the past and yo yoed up and down. I have tried low carb, no carb, no sugar, shake diets, soup diets, weight watchers and healthy eating and exercise. I have always failed and ended up putting it all back on and more. Having children changed my body and metabolism and I thought I would never get it back. Thanks to Trim N Healthy I have my body back my shape my skin is ok and I feel great.

I did it for myself and to be a healthy role model for my kids. I have inspired 13 friends one male and the rest female to start the diet after they have seen me shrink and my transformation. I owe Trim N Healthy my life. I am happy and my husband and kids are happy. Thank you.