Evan Sep 2016 QLD

Evan B   Mon 12 Sept

I found the TNH program was easy to follow & once I started seeing results the motivation was to keep going to loose more weight.

One key for the food was to be creative and to have a variety of fresh foods and make up four meals at a time & keep the rest in the fridge to have later or to take to work the next day. Subway salad bowls are perfect as they portion control the meat serving & I just keep a bottle of lemon juice in the car to use for dressing.

Loosing the weight has given me a lot more energy to do more outdoor activities like swimming, beach hikes & cycling and my gym has become my second home whether is a gym workout or a swim to break up my work day or a relaxing steam session at the end of the day.

Another benefit of this detox was I suffering chronic GORD which due to an overload of toxins & poisons in my body prior to taking the HCG.  After the TNH detox program my GORD completely disappeared which meant no more running to the bathroom to be sick half way thru a meal. Pleased to say the symptoms have not returned

Facebook message from Evan on the 12 Sept 2016