Helen 2017 – Fantastic Results

Will The Weight Just Come Straight Back On After I Finish The Program?

Helen completed the Trim N Healthy Program in early March and followed the diet with the recommended Maintenance Phase. Helen has had a fantastic result but was initially wondering, as many others do, “Will the weight just come straight back on after I finish the program?” Read Helen’s testimony to see her ongoing results…


7th March 2017

Hi Denise,

Thought I’d give you an update……

Survived my 2 weeks of visitors during the Maintenance phase, though had a few blow-outs.

I ended up at 58.2kg (700g over what I was at the start of Maintenance) but just went back to Maintenance for a few days and got back to  57.5kg.

I have never had much sweet stuff except fruit and wine and so that is the same except I have far less wine now. A very very weak brandy with sparkling water in a very big glass goes a long way.

And I am very careful with starches – allow myself half a piece of bread a few times a week.

One thing I loved about the diet was having a whole orange for breakfast. It was so tasty and nutritious and filling. Some days, when I’m not that hungry, I have just the orange for breaky, and although my weight fluctuates, this morning I was 57kg. Maybe a good tool for me to maintain my weight?

I thought I may have ruined the hypothalamus aspect of the diet with the ‘blow-outs’ but maybe not.

In any case I am VERY happy and a big thanks to you for seeing me through when I was flailing.

Have enjoyed being back to exercising too.

And unlike other diets I’ve been on, noone has accused me of being too thin, as in my face looking gaunt. Yey! Yet I fit those little dresses I’ve been aiming to wear.


12th April 2017

Hi Denise,

Down the track I have to report good news.

I am 56.0kg today!

I am not only maintaining but also seem to be losing at times.

I eat pretty normally and have wine sometimes. I never used to have dessert so that hasn’t changed. What has changed most is that EVERY day for lunch I make myself a lovely big salad with either beef or chicken and enjoy it. Whereas I used to have cheese on 2 vitawheat biscuits with tomato.

Many thanks again.