“I Lost 9.2kg In 3 Weeks!” – David, Nov 2017

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I lost 9.2kg in 3 weeks!

I didn’t consider myself as overweight or a few extra kilo’s as a health problem, I knew if I let it go much longer it could become a problem. To do simple tasks around the house and work seemed to be a lot harder. My clothes getting too tight was my “I need to do something” trigger. My Dad died from a heart attack and I didn’t want to leave it too long or follow in his footsteps.

I am 47 years old and they say the older you get the harder it is to lose weight……. Trim n’ Healthy was easier than I thought, in fact after the 3 weeks I could have continued to go on without much effort, I didn’t feel hungry (which was a bonus) at all by the time I completed the program. The information in the User Guide was very helpful and made it easy to follow for someone like me who was typically too lazy to follow other weight loss programs.

9.2kg is a lot to carry around…….. I didn’t realise how much the extra weight had affected me until the extra weight was gone. It is now easier to do the simple tasks around the place like cleaning the pool filter, picking up and moving things, getting out of bed with extra energy and feeling happier was validation I had made the right choice and took responsibility for my health. Thank you Trim n’ Healthy…. I actually feel “Trim” and “Healthy” 

David F.