My Amazing Weight Loss Story April 2019

Hi all, thought I'd share my amazing weight loss story with you

My Amazing Weight Loss Story

I spent a few days with girlfriends in February and mentioned how disappointed I’ve been with trying so hard to lose weight and nothing working

I was alerted by friend Erica that I should try Trim N Healthy….

she has done the program 3 times in the last 10 years with extremely great results. WELL, I started 2 days later and with commitment and determination for 6 weeks I lost 9.2 kg. I couldn’t do that in years so losing that weight in such a short time was so motivating, I was so excited, and the thought of wrecking it by eating something that was alien to the VLCD became important.

I also had a Gastroscopy in December which I was told I had an inflamed Ulcer.

I’ve always had high cholesterol ranging from 6-8 and was on medication for 2 years in which I went off it last year- bit risky- but I was hoping through trying to lose weight it would help, but until the 23rd Feb until I started Trim N Healthy which was when I did start losing weight.

I also had fatty liver for several years from alcohol and bad food choices.

My amazing weight loss success

Good News….

I had another Gastroscopy 2 weeks ago and the ulcer has totally healed.

Also got blood test results yesterday from Doctor and results were Pristine.

Cholesterol went from 6.2 being when I was on medication to no medication and now reached 5.2.

Liver and kidneys and Bloods were perfect.

Iron a little lower than normal but that was due to lower intake of the protein diet for the six weeks, but all good now.

This new lifestyle way of eating and taking care of myself has changed the way I look at food and will no longer be tempted to eat rubbish again, I’ve worked far too hard for that.

Thank you to Denise and Gabby for all your help and assistance in helping me with my choices…. you girls are amazing ❤️❤️

This really works if you are determined to change your life, this is one sacrifice worth it 😍

Suzanne Curtis 12 April 2019

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