Healthy Weight Loss For Mums

As a Mum, we all know how hard it is to stick to a healthy weight loss diet when we are also taking care of our family

Commit to your health with the Trim N Healthy weight loss advantage.

Children bring love and warmth to our lives, and the deep bond between mother and child is something people have admired for centuries.

When a woman becomes a mother, huge emotional changes happen: from joy and attachment to anxiety and protectiveness, all behaviour driven by biochemical reactions and neurological changes.

In the early days of parenthood, women overcome the engorged breasts, stretch marks, hair loss and haemorrhoids: committed to nurturing their tiny human from infancy to adulthood (and beyond…).

“A mother is she who can take the
place of all others but whose
place no one else can take”

Healthy Weight Loss for Mums

When on a healthy weight loss diet, many mothers report feeling stress in the following areas:

Time Demands: With all the care and attention that children require, most mothers feel a shortness of time.

Whether it’s limited time to get the laundry done, time for playing with the kids, time to one’s self, or time for the mountain of other extracurricular activities, many mothers find that there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything that they need or would like to do.

Often mothers find they don’t have time to exercise or maintain their pre child body or weight.

Finances: Whether using daycare, a nanny, or surrendering a full income to stay at home, caring for children is expensive.

As they grow into new clothes, new activities, and eventually off to college, each child can pose a strain on a family’s budget.

While children are more than worth the expense, parents do tend to put themselves second, cancelling that weekly boxercise class that’s $15 a session or their $20 per week gym membership that doesn’t get used anymore.

Relationship Demands: As mothers dedicate the necessary time into their relationships with their children, sometimes other relationships take a back seat, especially when children are young and need more attention.

In addition to the emotional disconnect that is often developed between loved ones, the changes that occur to the body post children, often mean women don’t feel as ‘physically’ attractive as they once were.

Protective Instincts: Being gifted with the responsibility to care for a vulnerable young soul and nurture this sweet life to adulthood means for many mothers, the world suddenly seems far more dangerous than it once was.

From toddlers climbing the walls and putting everything in their mouths, to teens are driving (without us) and preparing for university, there is a multitude of dangers our children face, and therefore stresses that mothers face.

Unfortunately, all this stress is pointless if they don’t have a healthy mumma who can continue to protect them throughout their lives. Keeping a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul means we will be more available and “on” and is the best way to ensure our children will survive.

Time Alone: Now with all these issues (and SO many more that haven’t been mentioned), a great deal of mothers find the most challenging part of the parenthood journey is finding time and saving energy for themselves.

Gone are the days of mani pedis at the shops, spa treatments, personal enrichment and your pre-child hobbies (how could my child survive me being uncontactable for 45 minutes!?).

Sadly, most of us need this time alone, to reflect, learn from our experiences, rejuvenate and re-energise and to take care of ourselves to ensure to ensure we are the best versions of ourselves and better able to care for others.

So, mums…… with all of the choices we make, to put our children first, what can we do this Mother’s Day to put ourselves first? Commit to your health of course!!

There are so so many things you can do to help feel better about yourself and what you are achieving as an amazing mother. With the Trim N Healthy weight loss program, you can lose up to 7kg in three weeks and feel amazing in your skin. Experience increased energy. Enjoy transforming your habits and modelling a healthy lifestyle to your children.

Always remember you are irreplaceable.

The Trim N Healthy weight loss drops combined with the diet program are designed to help you reach your weight loss goals whilst juggling your Mum life.

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