How Easy Is It To Lose Weight With Diet Drops

How easy is it to lose weight with diet drops on the Trim N Healthy weightloss diet program

Hi Denise here from Trim N Healthy. The question we are going to answer today is how easy is it to do our program

First choice is to go onto our website and your going to choose whether you want to lose up to 7 kg or up to 15 kg. That will help you with the decision of what kit your going to decide on.

So you get your kit, it comes with your user guide, have a read of that. Any questions, you can always give a ring or email and we can answer those questions for you It is very well explained in the user guide and it is quite an easy process.

Phase 1 - Loading

So you start taking the drops. First two days is whats called loading and you can eat whatever you like and probably more of whatever you like for those two days, making sure you take the drops.

We do have some people who load before they get the drops and then they have to load again. Great for some but it’s not part of the program. Two days loading is taking the drops and eating whatever you like

Phase 2 - Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

On the third day you roll of onto whats called our VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet, 500 calories a day and you chose the items that you are going to eat from the Trim N Healthy user guide.

Each day you have those 500 calories and each day you take the drops three times a day and then you move through to your 26 or 43 days and lose the weight that you need to lose.

Phase 3 - Maintenance

Once you’ve finished the Very Low Calorie Diet phase, you roll off onto the what we call Maintenance, which is really just normal eating for your age, height and weight and exercise regime.

But your introducing a lot of the good foods that you haven’t been able to eat on phase two of the program.

Good fats, that kind of thing and your eating the calories that you need to eat to sustain your body when you don’t have the added trigger of that hormone releasing energy into your system from stored fats.

Maintenance is about getting yourself reset so that your body gets used to the amount of food that will sustain you without putting weight on or taking weight off.

You do that for a minimum of three weeks, up to six weeks.

Phase 4 - Healthy Living For Life

Then you roll off to just normal healthy eating and all you really doing there is introducing some of your starchy carbs that we’ve said to stay clear of during the maintenance phase.

The Trim N Healthy weight loss diet is a great program to do because you are going to learn great habits and you tend, because your not eating sweet things while your on the program, you tend to lose that sweet tooth, if that’s your vice so moving forward, you’re not so tempted to grab for the chocolate or the lollies or those sweet treats that really bring a lot of us down when it comes to weight gain.

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